ConTrack is an integrated constructions company, with solutions extending to renovations, design and finishing. The company was founded in 2020 as ATEB Group’s arm in construction, marking the entry of the leading logistics, engineering and project management company of the construction business.

The company was founded by DR. Tamer Abdel Hamid, who have been in logistics field since 1999, and Mr. Yasser El-Deghedy, who has been in construction field since 2009.

Despite its recent consolidation, ConTrack has already built an impressive portfolio of projects, even at such a challenging time, by utilizing the power of decades-worth of market and engineering expertise owned by its founding team and its supporting mother company ATEB Group that has been delivering its trusted services since 1986.


We believe in the power of our people, processes, technology solutions and partnerships;  and how their uniqueness and superiority can help us constantly achieve goals.


Our most critical quest is always raising the bar of what to be expected from a construction and contracting company, with service excellence that goes beyond what is normal. 

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