Our range of services positions us as a full-fledged contractor and construction company

Building and contracting

Our first-choice building solutions have  been delivered to a variety of clients through our journey of building our larev portfolio of contracting services.

We offer the maximum excellence and dedication with accurate plans and specifications, schedules of work phases, bills of quantities and design solutions. It’s no surprise that a range of clients return to ConTrack for the highest quality and accuracy.

Renovations & refurbishment

Refurbishment requires careful planning and scheduling to ensure work is completed quickly and efficiently. At ConTrack, we have the flexibility and foresight to program works with minimal impact on normal operations.

Our renovation expert engineers can aid businesses and individuals in renovating any type of building of any age or issue, figuring out how to do it with the lowest cost and most scientifically accurate approaches.

We’ll even adapt our contracting services to evening, weekend and holidays to meet the most demanding timescales.

High-end finishing

Our company refits have transformed the working environments of countless people over the years. Our specialized team can take care of everything from finishing touches to the installation of modern communications and technology such as data cabling, security and climate control, and effective lighting to allow your staff to work comfortably and efficiently.


We have workers with impressive expertise in: roofing, carpentry, glazing, plumbing, brickwork, electrical drain clearance and more who help us deliver high quality and reliable maintenance service. All repairs and maintenance operations are performed through approaches that minimize hassle and boost flexibility.

Facility management

ConTrack offers a range of facility management services that can be tailored to create comprehensive programs. The delivered services include:
  • Performing planned decorations.
  • Checking ironmongery.
  • Clearing drains and gullies.
  • Inspecting and maintaining electricity, plumbing, cooling, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Inspecting roofs and clearing gutters periodically at key times of the year.
  • Maintaining ground and floor conditions
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